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In a recent interview with Recode's Kara Swisher, the Facebook founder and CEO said that in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal "if someone is going to be fired for this, it should be me." Here's why that's a terrible, time-wasting a centralized platform made for teams of any size to manage every detail of their work — from high-level roadmaps to daily tasks — while boosting productivity and building transparency.

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Now, Instagram is pushing towards app-based authentication, which should make the hackers' job harder.

If you've watched TV in the last couple years, there's a good chance you've seen the Flex Tape infomercial, where the guy repairs a boat he's just cut in half. "These buildings were designed to discourage interaction with the city.

Don't let her wear you down Jacko,' she added as she made for the door. Though Hugh was a Muggle with a Muggle job and clothes and car, it hadn't taken Jack long to realise that the Meridians weren't like his own family.

'And if you do stay, come and give me a hand cooking? Of course, as Elena used a wand to do almost everything from turning on the lights to patching up her daughter's bruises and scrapes (of which there were many), it hadn't exactly been difficult.

'Gran's coming over, and I can't do it alone – please don't make me…'Jack immediately smirked and pretended to be undecided. ''Your grandmother is a very lovely woman,' Elena said sternly as she stood, hoping she managed to sound half as if she meant it.'Yeah, if you're married and settled,' came the snide - and predictable - reply.

'I dunno – does she still think I'm your boyfriend? 'If she was trying to turn you into Cinderella, you'd be complaining too.'Elena couldn't suppress her smile.the striker - usually one or at most two to a side - is mainly an offensive player known for keen footwork and excellent reflexes. 'Ze had two goals and an assist.''And Jacko had a total shut out,' Ze added, sticking her tongue out at her best mate.'Excellent - well done both of you! ' Elena asked, taking a seat in her daughter's desk chair and folding the bottoms of a track suit neatly.'Friday,' Jack and Ze chorused.some claim that a striker's skills are intrinsic and cannot be taught, that the quickness and ability are traits this player is born with. 'Against Sherwood,' Jack added.'And they're due for a right stuffing,' Ze added brightly. ''Well of course I am – it's not every day a mother gets to see her daughter's football final.The both of them had made other friends at school, but summer after summer they returned home and, immediately after setting their trunks down, went off to the park to play a game or two.The Meridians had never thought twice about the wisdom of letting a boy have unrestricted access to their daughter – as Ze's dad put it "she'd never shag Jack – they're on the same football side". Once when the two had returned well after dark, sweating and covered in grass, passing the football between them, Jack's mother had sat them both down and demanded to know if they were "doing things safely".'You might have a point, but having her as a mother in law is trial enough, thanks. 'Despite the fact that Jack was a Muggle, Ze had never seen any reason to lie to him about what she was.

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