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The average conversion rate in Ad Words is 2.70% for search and 0.89% for display.The Home Goods and Real Estate industries take the lead on the Display network, since they’re both visual-centric industries: Industry Google Display Network Search Key takeaway: It may sound counterintuitive, but leveraging negative keywords is an effective way to refine your traffic.In fact, according to the national survey, 76 percent of women with BV state they would have gone to see a healthcare professional sooner if they were aware of the risks associated with BV if left untreated.

According to Word Stream, for each point your score is above the average Quality Score of 5, your CPA drops by approximately 16%.

Keeping your score high and your CPA low can pay dividends for your PPC budget.

The industry that clicks the most with PPC is dating and personal services, resulting in a 3.40% CTR average.

The remaining industries that take top CTR honors are Finance (2.65%), B2B (2.55%), Consumer Services (2.40%), and Technology rounds it off with a 2.38% CTR average.

Average Cost-Per-Action (CPA)The CPA represents the cost you pay every time a specific action is taken as a result of your ad, such as event registrations or form submissions.

Target CPA bidding uses historical information about your campaigns, and finds an optimal CPC bid for your ad each time it shows up.

To check and understand your Quality Score, head here.

Though many women are reluctant to discuss "embarrassing" health issues - especially those pertaining to gynecologic health - many don't understand the impact these same issues can have on a woman's overall health and quality of life. Despite its prevalence, women may not understand that the total impact of BV can go beyond its serious physical health implications. women ages 18 to 49 who have been diagnosed with BV within the past two years highlights the lack of knowledge of BV and its associated risks as well as the serious impact of the condition on women.

The Google Ad Word keyword categories with the highest search volume and highest costs per click are the businesses that carry a high lifetime customer value and can spend a pretty penny acquiring new leads and customers.

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