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Dani Campbell — reality TV participant, with whom in , Tila had an encounter.Tila Nguyen is bisexual, that is why she got engaged to Casey in December , which was announced by Tila on December 9, Unfortunately, Casey died on January 4, from diabetic ketoacidosis. In , Tila was romantically linked to personality Bobby Banhart, but they separated, first of all because he cheated on her.

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Besides, she also attended some college classes, but after all did not pursue them, as she got more attracted towards entertainment industry.

In this moment, she is working as model, blogger and singer at the same time.

Besides being honored with the several prestigious awards, she has also been listed in several hot listings.

In 2008, she was honored by the Maxim magazine; they honored her by listing her in their lists of Hot 100 of 2008.

However, she suffered the miscarriage few months late.

Initially, she also did the test shoot and she finally signed them and moved to Southern California.Billy Corgan — singer, with whom she briefly dated in Thomas Paxton Whitaker — struggling musician, which Tila Nguyen is right now.Actually right now she is pregnant with her first child and is expecting a baby girl.She got engaged with heiress, socialite and celebrant, Casey Johnson on 9th of December 2009 but this engagement didn't last that long.On 4th of February 2010, Casey died of diabetic ketoacidosis.She died because of her negligence to take her medicine.

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