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I was very insulted, and wrote that as a 'fuck you.'" In the end, Adele got the best revenge a girl could ever have: In February, she swept up a whopping six Grammys for "21" and received a standing ovation from the cream of the industry's elite.

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Part of it, at least, is due to the fact that she is unapologetically a plus-sized woman.

While her size shouldn’t be an issue at all, because of the novelty of her talent and success, it is.

Naturally, as a star Adele cannot ignore her looks.

She has a retinue of staff to ensure her make-up, hair and gowns are perfect before she goes onstage.

But how ironic is it that these women, nearly all of whom would probably call themselves feminists, allow themselves to be objectified by their clothing?

In revealing so much skin, they hide their true inner essence.

Watching her perform, she seems intensely focused on the music, sometimes turning the mic toward her audience and inviting them to continue singing a song, a sudden chorus of thousands.

She appears to be visibly moved that her audience is visibly moved.

For now, her own form of – at least in clothing if not in other areas of life – has been a gift she has given to herself and to a public that is desensitized from the incessant focus on the physical over the spiritual.

Adele is refreshing not only for the wonder of her mellifluous and emotional voice, but because she dresses with a dignity, all too rare these days.

Tired of their endless sparring, a child at the table gets up and turns on Adele’s song “Hello.” The tension melts instantly as family members of all ages and political stripes begin singing along rapturously, even morphing into Adele lookalikes.

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