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And we can’t have that happen, because what needs to happen for our country, for the world, is, moving forward, we need to get progressives in office, so that we have more opportunities to elect people like Bernie Sanders. We’re going to the , not to protest with aggression, not with anger, but really to encourage American citizens, specifically young people, but all people, to stay involved politically, because what happens up in our government affects us on a micro level.It’s bigger than this 2016 election, and that’s what I wanted to start with some friends—the Up to US Caravan. There’s so much that—you can do a lot on a grassroots level, as a grassroots activist. And when you hit that wall, you want to—you want to have somebody on the other side who’s willing to hear you and listen to you.

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It’s all about unifying and mobilizing the momentum that has been built because of Bernie Sanders, specifically amongst millennials and first-time voters in this election.

After the California primary, there is a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters who felt—felt like they were giving up. They felt like, “I went out there, I voted, my vote wasn’t counted.” There’s still a million votes that haven’t been counted in California.

And if we can combine forces—you’re seeing it with Black Lives Matter movements. So— : So, we have one starting in Los Angeles, we have another one starting in Portland.

And we’re going to be crossing states until we get to Philadelphia, where we’ll meet.

And I can’t speak and say that I will immediately endorse Hillary Clinton. But I do know—and like Nina said, this is a moment in history that in 50 years from now, I think Bernie Sanders, we’re going to look in our history books, and people are going to see, wow, this man did so much for our country, that we’re talking about on , but they’re not talking about this on mainstream news yet.

And that’s what, to me, Nina’s statement—that’s why this caravan is so important, because there’s a lot of people who are Bernie supporters or Hillary supporters, but aren’t paying attention to what happened in Orlando.

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