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Michael Copon wants to completely immerse himself in the feelings and tastes of a new place, rather than simply acquire facts or an intellectual appreciation.Emotionally as well Michael is restless and somewhat of a wanderer.At times, Michael Copon feels lonely or isolated, even when he is with people.

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star Michael Copon is rumored to have a new lady in his life: Kim Kardashian.

“He’ll definitely be making appearances on Kim‘s new TV show,” the source adds.

Later in 2009, Michael was again rumored to be dating Katy Johnson who also happens to be an actress known for "Black Limousine" and other movies.

However, the couples were not seen together, and this just remains as a speculation.

He is a considerate and thoughtful friend, and has a real flair for making others feel accepted and appreciated.

Inwardly, Michael Copon is often torn with indecision and is much more at odds with himself than others would ever guess based on his flawless disposition.

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His desire for harmonious relationships and surroundings is so strong that he avoids personal confrontation or any expression of intense, unpleasant emotions.

After breaking up with Cassie Scerbo, who is Cody Longo dating these days? Encyclopediacassandra cassie cce pass She used to play soccer for the Parkland Soccer Club while she was being raised in Parkland, Florida.

I will not let someone label me, I will not let it happen, I will continue to prove myself every time around and the more someone wants to label me or stereotype me, put me in a box, the more inspired I get and it makes me do better and teach higher.

) The 29-year-old reality star has been linked to actor/musician Michael Copon, who’s best known for his role on , and fans can expect to see more of her new hottie.

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