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Peter, also 43, explained that it was a bit of a "gamble" choosing the singer for the part of bike enthusiast, Steve.“When I was writing it I kept picturing Guy Garvey, I don’t know why,” the Bolton-born comedian told Steve Wright’s show on BBC Radio 2.“I just kept picturing him as this guy with a bike. I said, 'Well funnily enough would you fancy being in it?' He said, ‘Well, I’ve not done anything since school plays.’ And he was really good.

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‘The song is about my home and after my long term relationship ended I was left in this huge house.

Fans were thrilled when the 43-year-old singer, who has never acted professionally before, popped up in the BBC sitcom.

He’s the sort of British lad you could easily meet in a Pub around the corner which brings us right back to the Whisky topic from earlier.

GARVEY makes an exception for me since he’s not drinking that much anymore these days.

Still, he has nothing bad to say about COLDPLAY and stated that they were really supportive to his main band from very early on. ELBOW never aimed for a big pop hit, they’ve always been a bit odd, edgy and – let’s say – sleazier.

GUY GARVEY is the Anti Chris-Martin, a wise lyricist and polite gentleman who stayed in his hometown and never aimed for Hollywood stardom.

The original debut gig in Brussels had to be cancelled due to a terrorist threat.

After twenty years of composing and performing music with ELBOW the musician just released The comparison might be a bid odd but if you meet GUY GARVEY in person he really is a sweet and humble bear, disguised as a gentleman; a polite talk partner that is happy to hear your thoughts on certain things.

It was a bit of a gamble because he could have been really wooden, but he was relaxed enough to be himself."Related: All the songs used in Peter Kay's Car Share – a full Forever FM playlist from series 1 and 2Peter added that he reckons Guy is a "nice little cameo" which showcases his casting choices, saying: "I like interesting casting, and casting people who you think might be slightly different in parts."That probably explains how He played Kayleigh's (Sian Gibson) drunk pal Elsie who had dressed up as Smurfette for an office work party, with John (Kay) forced to drive both Elsie and Kayleigh home while Elsie flirted with him by offering half a Pot Noodle.

It’s two hours before GARVEY‘s first ever solo performance at Berlin’s Postbahnhof.

Are they of more recent nature or did you try to approach them to your band for years? For example, the vocals and melodies to happened two days before we were due to master the album. And I was looking for something that rhymes with ‘propper’ when I was trying to describe that cafe in Manchester. On the other hand I had that phrase gives the slightly odd ‘bar singer’ character in GUY GARVEY the long overdue limelight as it delivers dark and haunting little pop gems. appears to be at a crossroad between the past and the future.

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