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From the summer onward, Trump's face was all over newsstands.

I found that trip to be the most peaceful of all of the tours we did - and it was only days before the election.

As Conor Oberst put it so perfectly at our show in Nashville, "you'd have to have no brain and no soul, for these things to not affect you".

private room) or skip straight to the comparison charts. The was once the most common type of Vegas strip club VIP room.

Every Las Vegas strip club has one or more VIP rooms. This is essentially a big room where multiple dancers entertain multiple customers. The is designed for a customer to be alone with a dancer.

Stream the second track to their follow-up album, 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth, release date June 1, 2017, here. And when I'm walkin' down the Ohio roads I remember all the turtles and the snakes and the frogs and the toads I remember all the ponds and the lakes and the records and the 8-track tapes I Loved Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery but Eric Clapton's Slowhand gave me a fuckin' headache —Mark Kozelek It's been a wonderful year of playing music.

Jesu/Sun Kil Moon Tour dates below: September 16, 2016: Colston Hall, Bristol, U. Highlights include playing with Einsturzende Neubauten in Croatia (the best live band I saw all year), joining Chuck Prophet and The Mission Express at San Francisco's Civic Center to sing 'Richard Ramirez', singing 'The Ottawa Bluesest Is Run By Inbreds" with 500 enthusiastic Canadians in Toronto, and dueting with Yasmine Hamdan on 'I Got You Babe' at Primavera, Portugal...

Played almost entirely on nylon string guitar, this 17-song all original album was recorded between | Read More »The new album by Sun Kil Moon, entitled Admiral Fell Promises, will be released July 13 on Caldo Verde Records.

This 60 minute, 10 song album of original material will be released on CD, digitally and vinyl.

Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood, for the most part, captures events from January to August of this year and how I processed it all while traveling.

Another album was in the works at the same time: the follow up to Jesu/Sun Kil Moon's self-titled debut album.

The only time that I was able to completely tune the news out (and the election saga) was during a 5-day trip to China in late October/early November, where they don't have CNN and my band members didn't have easy access to social media.

This year found me on tour to some extent or another every month of the year. It was fun to play outdoor music festivals in Italy and in beautiful venues in the UK, but sad to wake up to terrible news happening back in the USA - mostly in regards to mass shootings.

Words by Mark Kozelek/Music by Kozelek, Ben Boye, and Jim White (Xylouris White, Dirty Three).

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