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Despite initially rocking up to the bash with her bandmates, Perrie and Dougie were spotted enjoyed a private moment at the back of the crowded party."At one point, they appeared to share a tender moment as Perrie leaned across to touch his arm."However, despite fans flocking to Twitter to gush about the duo something tells us they are overreacting."Perrie and Dougie are both each other’s type too it’s literally a relationship waiting to happen [sic]" one excited fan wrote.

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Gerard es el chico raro que se sienta a unos 10 metros de él durante los recesos y que ha descubierto la cafetería gracias a que lo siguió más de una vez.

Ambos están solos en el mundo aun cuando éste está lleno de personas.

To these two guys love is just another game to play, Danny and Harry get bored of every day life in the Mc House and decide to make a secret bet to mess around with the other two... Comment if you're enjoying it so I know I should continue rewriting and adding parts : D Daily posts from now up to New Years!

Will be disconnected drabbles of all Mc Busted ships plus all Mc Fly ships (which means x2 of all Mc Fly ships) plus a 2 ot4 Mc Fly fics so there's something for everyone.

For what it's worth back then I also never thought Charlie would rejoin Busted...] I stand next to the sofa, looking down at Harry’s sleeping form.

His long hair’s a mess, dark curls spilling everywhere and he has replaced the pillow he threw on his face with his left arm, just barely covering his eyes as if the light is bothering him.

”’ Since splitting with her fiancé Zayn Malik, Perrie has yet to find the man of her dreams while Dougie is still single since his break up with his girlfriend of two years, Ellie Goulding, back in March.

The Newcastle gal stunned last night as she arrived at the Glamour Awards in London's Berkeley Square, dressed in a figure hugging number.

Actually, it’s bothering me as well, so I shuffle over to the window, closing the blinds and leaving the winter sun outside.

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