Who is chyna dating now dating before cell phones

The couple seemed to be thriving from their highly publicized relationship, but in June, it was reported that the two split.

The Blac Chyna dating rumors are swirling again and, according to several reports, Blac Chyna is dating someone new.

Chyna, who is 29 years old, told the aforementioned celebrity gossip website that she and YBN Almighty Jay are "like, dating." So not only is Blac now banging a teenager, she's apparently talking like one as well.

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One photographer even claims they saw the two kissing. The young rapper became famous after his 2017 hit “Chopsticks” which has over 10 million views on You Tube.

We’re guessing those views are going to start skyrocketing right about now.

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Sadly, even though Gerald once said if Halsey caught him cheating, "she'd cut my dick off," his dick is still presumably intact because he was spotted holding hands while walking out of a Hollywood nightclub with Demi…

He’s from San Francisco and currently resides in Las Vegas.

Nobody knows what will come out of Blac Chyna’s rumored relationship with 19-year-old athlete Devin Haney or what she meant when she posted a picture of him on her Instagram account, but if she’s happy and living her best life, she can date whoever she wants to.The up and coming hip-hop artist goes by the moniker YBN Almighty Jay and is just 18-years-old.The Houston native was recently featured on a track by Rich the Kid called “Beware.” The two were spotted last night bowling in Los Angeles, and appear in the photos to be getting very comfortable.Chyna seemingly announced the new relationship with a video on Saturday (Nov. In the heart-filled clip, which was posted to Snapchat, the duo is riding around Los Angeles.Chyna can be seen wearing Carti’s Playboy bunny pendant."The vast majority of adults are sexually active," Bloom told Pop Culture.com, adding: "Only women are shamed for it.

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