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Also, their girlfriends are much more secure with them fucking guys on cam than other women.Many straight guys are not allowed to do porn by their girlfriends, but the same type of girls will allow it with gay partners because she knows there's no real threat that he's going to leave her for other men.Sad but true."What's the name again of that French porn actor with the really huge cock? I also agree with a previous poster who mentioned Trent Tesoro. And, what about the gay for pay actor who applied at Subway because he needed extra money.... I always wondered R98, becuase it's been said many times, that men in straight porn get paid better that men in ay porn, so if a guy is straight why not do striaht porn and get paid more to have se with women.

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Gay guys make more money PER SCENE in gay movies than straight guys in straight movies.

Straights guys in straight movies have longevity, thus making more money in the long run.

A lot of these "gay for pay" models fell into gay porn just because gay pornographers got to them first and are naturally on the lookout for them; placing a higher priority on them than straight pornographers.

Sometimes, the gay-for-pay model regrets this afterward, when he finds out there's a blacklist against guys who've done gay videos when they want to get into the straight side, like Christian / Maxx Diesel.

Kris Slater just sounds like a typical, ignorant bigot, r106!

Homophobic assholes like him assume that everyone who has homosex is gay, even if 99.9% of the time they're having heterosex and never dated a man.

That's exactly what that seancody dude was talking about.

Which is sad and a great reflection on gay men in the gay community.

Among the latest generation, really, so many to choose from -- there's Criss Strokes, with his enormous cock, and lean, cut body (and tard face, granted); Ramon, a smooth skinned handsome Latin guy with a certain bisexual propensity for two guys on one girl scenes; Johnny Sins, one of the most athletic performers out there and with as cut and lean a body as I've ever seen (and a beautifully proportioned nice long dick); Danny Mountain, a tanned big dicked English guy with an amazing ass; Scott Nails, who used to look great but ruined his body with an awful huge arm tattoo but still has a nice fat cock and a lean body and is cute too; Jordan Ash, tall with a cut body, huge dick, as well as the epitome of geeky big-dick face.

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