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And for David, one of the most significant things about these Swedish customs is that it provides something in short supply in the States: “a public notion of friendship.” What occasions do Americans have to tell friends that we love them for who they are and to acknowledge that love publicly?

Our culture allows us ample opportunities to make friends, but it affords very few opportunities to that friendship.

During Herba’s trial Wednesday, investigators said the model was put under “psychological pressures” during the abduction, ANSA reported.

Herba was arrested July 17, shortly after freeing Ayling and dropping her off at the British consulate in Milan, police said.

Ayling said last summer that her kidnappers were preparing to “auction” her on the dark Web, a part of the internet where user identities are hidden through encryption, allowing them to buy and sell criminal goods.

The kidnappers were trying to sell Ayling, 20, on the internet as a sex slave for US0,000, according to Italian police and media accounts.

On finishing David’s essay about his Swedish wedding, I found myself thinking about the times, after my speaking gigs, when I’ve been asked for thoughts about how we might begin to do that—how we might learn to more easily and readily declare in public our love for our friends.

From now on, I may just send them a link to David’s piece and say, “Start here.

lingerie fittings, my then-fiancée Johanna made a simple checklist: food, decorations, music, readers, a priest.

Next to every item, she wrote the names of our friends.

The day before the wedding, a dozen or so people—Americans and Swedes—helped decorate the church reception hall from mid-afternoon until well into the night.

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