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Months are the same as in real-life, roughly a thirty day period.

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When the in-universe history text from the novellas about the Dance of the Dragons give specific dates, they are usually just in the format "on the fifth day of the third moon of the year 131 AL" etc.

At the time of the novels, Westeros has been using a calendar system based on the year of Aegon's Landing, which occurred three centuries before.

Thus all dates are "BC" for "Before Conquest" or "AC" for "After Conquest".

Territories and their rulers: House Stark, the North (white); House Arryn, the Vale of Arryn (dark grey); House Frey, the Riverlands (dark blue); House Greyjoy, the Iron Islands (dark yellow); House Lannister, the Westerlands (dark red); House Tyrell, the Reach (green); House Durrandon, the Stormlands (yellow); House Martell, Dorne (orange) House Targaryen, the Crownlands (brown); Night King (formerly the Free Folk), Beyond the Wall (light blue); Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, the Gift and the Wall (black) The debt crisis with the Iron Bank of Braavos reaches a breaking point: with far less confidence in Cersei than Tywin, the bank starts calling in its loans - which the Iron Throne cannot possibly repay.

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