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Since I tried to install an application to handle my ipod under linux (that implied installation of many libs) I got many issues (applications that won't launch anymore) I removed the last applications/libs using rpm -qa --last and strictly removed those installed the interval I tried to install this ipod application (3rd party, from source code) As many applications (not so many but they were useful for me) won't launch anymore I was searching for messages in /var/log -- in the var/log/messages files the last message sent was for 22 feb am (since I rebooted many times and did things with my system).

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# *.err;kern.notice;auth.notice /dev/sysmsg *.err;kern.debug;daemon.notice;/var/adm/messages *.alert;kern.err;operator *.alert root *.emerg * # if a non-loghost machine chooses to have authentication messages # sent to the loghost machine, un-comment out the following line: #auth.notice ifdef(`LOGHOST', /var/log/authlog, @loghost) /var/log/authlog /var/log/maillog # # non-loghost machines will use the following lines to cause "user" # log messages to be logged locally.

# ifdef(`LOGHOST', , /dev/sysmsg /var/adm/messages user.alert `root, operator' local7.debug /var/log/mimedefang user.emerg * ) /var/log/authlog works. However, /var/log/syslog is empty and the last line in /var/log/syslog.0 is from over a month ago. I have restarted system-log and sendmail multiple times using svcadm. As @Mad Hatter states above, does not mention /var/log/syslog anywhere.

These messages can alert you to system problems, such as a device that is about to fail. For more information about automating this task, see Removing Dump Files in Managing Devices in Oracle Solaris 11.2 and Chapter 4, Scheduling System Tasks, in Managing System Information, Processes, and Performance in Oracle Solaris 11.2 .

Mon Sep 13 MDT 2010 Sep 13 sr1-ubrm-41 svc.startd[7]: [ID 122153 daemon.warning] ...

When this happened the logs owned by “messagebus” got left owned by "messagebus", but couldn't be written to by "syslog".

Changing ownsership of these logs to "syslog" and restarting syslogd was sufficient to fix.

So just install syslog-ng in Ya ST (rsyslog should be removed automatically then) and it should work.

check_logfiles is a Plugin for Nagios which scans log files for specific patterns.

Objectives The following test objectives for Exam CX-310-202 are covered in this chapter: Configure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), including assigning rights profiles, roles, and authorizations to users. These are both related in that they participate in the securing and monitoring of systems in a Solaris environment.

The use of Role-Based Access Control makes the delegation of authorizations much easier for the system administrator to manage, as groups of privileges can easily be given to a role through the use of profiles.

Sep 13 sr1-ubrm-41 svc.startd[7]: [ID 122153 daemon.warning]...

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