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The ability to distinguish different inks can be quite useful for several reasons.

One of the most frequent dye components in ballpoint pen inks is crystal violet (hexamethyl-pararosanilin) which is always present with its decomposition product methyl violet (mixture of penta-, tetra- and trimethyl-pararosanilin).

Hexamethyl-pararosanilin (HP) is an unstable compound, therefore it can be used for dating studies.

All of the techniques differ in the sample processing (destructive versus nondestructive) and information obtained from ink analysis.

The questioned document was suspected to have been written within a short period (e.g., a few hours) and backdated.

By definition, a cash book has to be written by hand and the entries have to be made daily.

6 Paper ID JFS2004056 Available online at: org CASE REPORT R. The questioned document was a list of 29 pages containing a consecutive handwritten numbering and dated entries (payments) made of blue ballpoint pen ink.

Egan Research Chemist Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit Quantico, Virginia Kristin A.

Determining ink sources used on a variety of documents is a key priority for forensic document examiners.

Unfortunately, the HP/methyl violet ratio varies, as mentioned above, from pen to pen.

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