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So for all you budding Info Path specialist or Share Point people expecting this to be the replacement, it not (well at least not at the moment).

However, a few new tidbits have come to light that will be of interest to organizations invested in Info Path forms: Contrary to previously announced plans to discontinue Info Path Forms Services — the server-side piece that lets forms run in a browser on Share Point — the Microsoft blog was updated with this announcement: “Specifically, Info Path Forms Services will be included in the next on-premises release of Share Point Server 2016, as well as being fully supported in Office 365 until further notice.

Contrary to plans announced at the Share Point Conference last March, Forms on Share Point Lists — the new Share Point feature that was to replace certain uses of Info Path — the Office 365 Roadmap was updated to show Fo SL as cancelled: “The ability to create custom Share Point List forms is an important scenario.

Select the Site Content Type (advanced) option if you want to publish the Info Path form template that binds to a Site Content Type.

This option will allow the form template to be used in multiple libraries and sites.

Everyone using Info Path is concerned about finding an Info Path replacement.

To help with planning, we update this post with the all latest information we can find about the changing retirement status of Info Path 2013.

Info Path users are hungry for a clear replacement strategy from Microsoft.

But Office Forms, like Power Apps, is not positioned to fill that role.

Even so, there’s still this caveat: “There are some scenarios Info Path excels at — the offline access, those rich XML document scenarios — you should continue to use.” Mc Nulty also reiterated that support for Info Path 2013 would continue to 2026 — as if it had been released with Share Point 2016.

Hat tip to our friends at Qdabra for calling to our attention that Microsoft’s removal of the sandbox code service in Share Point Online means that Info Path forms with code will no longer work in the browser.

If you do, power it up to run in mobile apps with custom controls for camera, signatures, GPS and more.

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