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If Nikon Transfer or View NX 2 is installed, Nikon Transfer or Nikon Transfer 2 may start automatically; exit the application before proceeding.

updating dsl firmware-64

1- Download RUC (Router Update Checker, available here) 2- Download WEB (Wireless Environment Builder, available [here][2]).

3- Download your router’s latest official firmware (you should have a copy, in case this goes kaput). Next open up RUC and enter your router login info, defaults are: Router Upgrade Check 1.2.9 19/09/2008 Router IP: CLI is needed Description: Dlink G624T Board type: AR7VW Product ID: AR7WRD Bootloader: psbl RAM 16.0 MB Flash (ROM) 4.0 MB ADAM2: No No default env: No Linux version: 2.4.17_mvl21-malta-mips_fp_le Firmware build: Firmware version: V3.02B01T01.

No one will be responsible, if you do this carelessly and brick your router. You must register on the forum to download the firmware.

For DSL2640T, you’ll need the Ro HS 4-port PSP firmware.

Do not turn the camera off, remove or disconnect the power source, or operate camera controls during the update.

If the update is not completed successfully and the camera becomes inoperable, take the camera to a Nikon-authorized service representative for inspection.

They can be found in Status- – there, the string next to “nvs_” is your TWNETID i.e.5e015cf4a901151d. – copy it in WEB and click on “get router details” or “build environment”.

It should work and after a while, it will ask you that it can send the script directly to the router. You’re done, once the Router comes back online, go check your environment now and you’re good to go. You might wanna head over to Router Tech for more help and if you run into any issues.

hii wanted to upgrade my dsl firmware but i am not able to log in .

my modem current firmware version is IN_1.01 and H/W Ver- A1.....i am performing an upgrade it says "file is too large" and nothing happens ...i have downloaded the firmware from the dlink india website..downloaded firmware version is 1.10 i.e the latest firmware version..me update my modem..i live in INDIA and, I have tried to update with google chrome,internet explorer and firefox but the result is always the same i.e "file is too large"....the modem does not have a "check for update button"...there is only one option to select a file.. I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this.

4- open up the update firmware panel in the router’s web panel; Tools-Firmware and browse to where you extracted the above zip file and select: routertech_ar7wrd_1350a_pspboot_firmware_xxxxxxx_xxx Now click on Apply and pray to God that all goes well. After ten minutes, telnet into your router again and see if it lets you log in using: Log in using user: Admin and pass: Admin. Telnet back into your router: type Reboot the router once again and you should have a working DSL-2640T running with everything on a custom routertech firmware.

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