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Kick off your 2019 race season with BC’s longest running triathlon.

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pm to 7pm on Wednesday, March 7th at the West 4th location pm to 7pm on Thursday, March 8th at the Wesbrook Village location Please […]...

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This epic race includes a 1.5k swim with the fast current in the Hudson River, a 40k ride up the traffic-free Hudson Parkway into the Bronx and back, followed by a 10k trek across 72nd St before conquering relentless hills and finishing in the heart of Central Park. Email instructions will sent at 5PM ET on Tuesday, July 3 and include a custom, non-transferable, guaranteed entry access code into the 2019 #NYCTri (July 21).

This special, 24-hour priority registration window will close on Wednesday, July 4 at 5PM ET. General Entry / November 1 Participation in the 2XU New York City Triathlon will be available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis.

Its special triathlon feature can time transitions and switch sport profiles with a single button press. That's a premium of $120, £80 or AU$230 over the 235, but for hardcore triathletes, it's a price I think is well worth paying. It feels good on my wrist when training or while wearing it throughout the day.

It's a tad lighter (40.2 grams compared to 42 grams) and has less of a bezel, but otherwise the two devices are remarkably similar, but only when it comes to design.

The Relay race use the distances associated to the Sprint Course.

The Duathlon is an individual event featuring two 5km runs and a 20km cycle and no swim portion.

At this year’s Award Ceremony at 9.30 a.m., athletes will have the opportunity to register for DATEV Challenge Roth 2019.

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