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More exhaustive timelines are available in both Star Trek reference works and on various fan websites.

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oh look, a Tribble.' The malevolent genius of this is best appreciated in a cinema filled with confirmed Star Trek fans, who will dutifully whoop and applaud a familiar alien while the film quietly pulls off another dubious plot manoeuvre under their noses. Well, Pine and Quinto, and the first half-hour, and of course Cumberbatch, whose cool, bassoony baritone has seldom been put to better use than on lines like: “You can’t even break a rule, Mr Spock. ” There are also two very well-devised action sequences: a warp-speed space chase and a jetpack ride through an asteroid field, both of which owe a great deal to the other Star series; Wars, not Trek.

(Abrams’ appointment as director of the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII seems more sensible by the day.) A large portion of Star Trek’s audience may well be satisfied by a film that amounts to not much more than an incredibly pretty and sporadically funny in-joke.

But think back to the corny romance of that original mission statement, recited by William Shatner on many a rainy school night.

No matter which incarnation of Star Trek is your favorite, we're fans, too. You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. Trek was mentioned by writer Vignesh Ramachandran and one of our customers testimonials was...In fact I think you are a very lucky person if you get to mix the two often.Together they have come up with a very clever sleight-of-hand: all of the narrative cracks are papered over with references to old Star Trek characters and episodes.

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