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I remeber the "Leckies" job was considered the King's job by most engineers.

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We discharged in five major Australian ports then after loading in five New Zealand ports we crossed the Pacific Ocean, calling in at Tahiti then through the Panama Canal.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean we discharged at four continental ports and the UK. At sea, like many others, I had a Daily Express map of the world on my cabin bulk head.

Finished my time at sea with SSA in 1970 as 1st elecy on the Cymric.

Harry Gibbonshi mike feilding, sailed with you on the some good times. have two children-son and daughter--son travels regularly to U. Hope you and yours are well- Don Coghill G'day to all, I too sailed as an engineer on the Delphic, Ceramic and the Northern Star, from late '69 til '75.

The electricians changed onto these rotas and worked alongside the engineers. We didn't get much sleep in the six hour break period.

After a shower, grabbing a bite to eat and a couple of beers.On boarding my first ship it was a culture shock when I was taken into the engine room. There was a lot of names and phrases to pick up that were totally new, it was like a new language.The massive main engines and the complex amount of auxilary equipment with numerous piping systems was an amazing sight. Shaw Savill and Albion line had a mixture of passenger and cargo ships.Current Court Battles Our legislative advocates are a constant presence in federal and state governments, working with policy makers to ensure the necessary laws exist to protect our civil rights.Video transcript During my days at secondary school my best friend's father worked on the docks at Hartlepool. Often, after school, David and I toured the docks on our bicycles.I started and finished my sea going period with shaw Saville and remember many an enjoyable time running between Europe and Australia & New Zealand(I now live in Oz since 1966) . N 2-stroke diesel the only problem recurring was scavenge fired and the occassional loss of the govenor.

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