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This is followed by rapid collapse of the tumor and recovery. I cannot quite shake off the fear that in some case thus treated the hemorrhage may start up again after the pressure of the clots has been removed, or that the cavity which still contains fragments of clots even after the most thorough washing may become infected with some virulent form of bacteria and fatal septicaemia supervene.

The placental souffle was startlingly loud on auscultation over the right half of the lower portion of the abdomen, and on exposure through abdominal incision was found so obtrusive that the gestation sac could with difficulty be opened without wounding it.

January, placenta was thus located and inclined towards the anterior abdominal wall.

It is to be remembered that the ges- tation is now going on wholly outside the peritoneum and hence the placenta is attached to the outer surface, is under it, in fact.

The relation of the placenta to the peritoneum is an interesting one.

These three, however, should always be present : — i. If it be left undisturbed the wound must be left open, and by a slow process of suppuration the placenta sloughs away.

Prior to that the most fragmentary and misleading symptoms may be presented. The operation at best must be an incomplete one, for the placenta must not be disturbed, for so sure as it is, the patient dies before she is off the table.

The small patch of tubal mucous membrane available is probably the nucleus for the placental attachment which, as it develops, spreads laterally over the adjacent peritoneal structure.

The absence of hemorrhage and continued adhesion of the ovum to the tubal mucous membrane probably determines the maintenance of its life and development.

Gardner 174 Collection and Bacteriological Investigation of Air Under Different Systems of Ventilation, The. In the one case of this character in my list, the 14 The New England Medical Gazette.

As the foetus develops, placenta, tube, and peri- toneum are pushed up, and virtually roof over that part of the pelvis.

The phys- ical changes incident to this phase of tubal pregnancy are profitable to speculate upon.

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