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There appears to be a splice missing from the clip, then Mittelwerk notices Rachel Blake's hidden position and she appears to be near capture as the video ends.

However she must have escaped, or have been released, according to the timeline of the game, her appearance at Comic-Con 2006 and the distribution of the video via The Lost Experience.


He provides history of the motivation, explaining that after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States and U. He also reveals that the island was used as a research station to attempt such a manipulation to change the numbers.

The second half of the video appears to be clandestinely-filmed footage filmed by Rachel Blake of Thomas Mittelwerk explaining a "radical" Hanso Foundation intervention project to his staff.

After the Cuban Missile Crisis, both nations decided to find a solution. Commissioned under the highest secrecy, through the U. Security Council, the equation is the brainchild of the Italian mathematician Enzo Valenzetti.

It predicts the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself.

The producers of Lost promised that The Lost Experience would reveal new information, including the meaning of the numbers.

In brief, some of the concrete knowledge that was revealed by the Sri Lanka Video include: Part 1 [Music plays] © 1975 The Hanso Foundation * ORIENTATION * Alvar Hanso: I'm Alvar Hanso.

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She claimed that the information revealed is so damaging that "it will tear the Hanso Foundation apart." She deemed it too risky to reveal in its entirety, so she chose to distribute fragments hidden throughout the internet, and accessed via clues and glyphs.

Players were required to locate codes to enter on the website, and each code revealed its accompanying video fragment.

The United States and the Soviet Union almost fulfilled the promise of mutual assured destruction.

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