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Frankly, the boycott just isn’t that big a deal: since intra-region trade with Israel is so small, the impact of the ban is negligible.

They claimed the slogans degrade women and contribute to unhealthy body images for young girls. Foundation for Women, concurred, saying the slogans “reinforce the message that girls are only as good as what their bodies are, and that’s very undermining to a girl’s healthy development”.

Abercrombie & Fitch pulled the offending shirts a month later (likely after inventory ran out, and smirking at the free publicity).

In the rest of the world the boycott happens the following Saturday, which begins their consumer run-up to Christmas.

Some boycotts are logical, even noble, but there are also Pilates exercises in stupidity.

Worse, aren’t the strikers sending career-limiting messages to their employer? The Arab League has boycotted Israeli goods and services since the founding of Israel in 1948.

Their stated goal is to isolate Israel economically, and discourage Jewish immigration to the Middle East.

According to Ohio law, unions may not call for boycotts against businesses that force workers to join a union.

By calling for consumers to shop elsewhere, the unions violated that law. Weren’t you outside telling my customers to shop at CVS?

Most Middle East merchants (anonymously) agree the boycott is mainly for show, and it waxes/wanes with Arab-Israeli tensions.

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