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But now “there is no policy about undergrads dating grad students,” and “that is not something we would be interested in changing,” Taylor said, noting that the only existing prohibition covers relationships between a teaching assistant and someone they have authority over, as in a class section.The committee is focused on the university’s tenure-track and non-tenure track professors, he added.

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Committee members have discussed the possible change regarding undergraduates with Provost Sally Kornbluth and President Vince Price.

Kornbluth and Price in turn have signaled that they’re interested in taking a look at the broader issue of Duke’s anti-harassment policies, which cover matters beyond just sexual harassment.

It’s likely a group of inner-circle faculty leaders at Duke University will push their colleagues to forbid any consensual dating or sexual relationships between professors and the university’s undergraduates.

Members of the Academic Council’s executive committee “believe it’s time” to change a policy that presently allows such relationships if the student involved isn’t taking classes from, working on research projects with or being mentored by the professor involved, said Don Taylor, the council’s chairman.

Its definition of faculty covers not just professors and teaching assistants, but coaches, academic advisers and anyone else involved in teaching or supervision.

There’s no distinction in it between undergraduates and graduate students.

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