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Advice to midwives was usually restricted to sewing up tears, although there seems to be a possibility in one case that an author recommended using the midwife’s fingernail to cut a larger space.The tenor of More’s description seems to suggest something rather more serious and it was very likely More’s knowledge of Cecily’s longevity that caused him to doubt the story.

Assigning a date to the bones could not be done at all in 1933.

Using radiocarbon dating, it would now be possible to at least assign a century to them, and indeed probably come as close as a date with a margin of error of plus or minus about 15 years.

The phrase, ‘Richard liveth yet’ was taken out of context to suggest that it was feared he might not continue to live.

In context it clearly means only that he was alive while four of his siblings were not.

Some six weeks later, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, uncle of the two boys, proclaimed himself king as Richard III.

His nephews were at that time living in the royal apartments in the Tower of London where they were seen sporadically until about mid-July 1483. Their fate was a mystery at the time and has been ever since.

It is commonly asserted that Richard’s was a difficult birth, yet the evidence for this is highly dubious.

The first suggestion occurs in the work of the Warwickshire antiquary John Rous who famously wrote a glowing report of Richard during the king’s lifetime and then a vitriolic attack shortly after Richard’s death.

Rumours about the disappearance of the princes and their uncle's part in it soon began to circulate on the continent, where those who were disaffected by the current regime had taken refuge.

However, it was only after Richard's own death that the accusations became more substantive and they are still popularly believed.

In fact, Cecily seems to be saying that it was actually the journey she made to visit Margaret that was a painful ‘labour’ and had prompted her sickness, aggravated by her anxiety about her husband’s political position.

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