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3 *** - the Colorado River *** Grand Canyon Guide no.

images : honeybee heart videoessay 1: *** Honeybee Heart ***essay 2: *** Cardiology Origins ***6/20/18 presentation: Cardiology Origins - Past, Present, and Future of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery ...

*Intersections with UAB* - A Visual Tour external links: Dissection and Observation of Honey Bee Dorsal Vessel for Studies of Cardiac Function - The ancient Greeks referred the origins of medicine to a god Asklepios, thereby testifying to their appreciation of the truly divine function of the healing art.

He revitalized the work of the health-temples, which had before his time been showing a certain decline in vigour, coupled with a corresponding excessive tendency towards sophistry and priestcraft.

“Hippocrates first gave the physician an independent standing, separating him from the cosmological speculator. He did with medical thought what Socrates did with thought in general—he “brought it down from heaven to earth. And what he observed was that the human organism, when exposed to certain abnormal conditions — certain stresses — tends to behave in a certain way: that in other words, each “disease” tends to run a certain definite course.

His studies included internal medicine and vascular surgery.

In 1966 Gruentzig returned to Heidelberg University to take on a staff assistant job at the university's Institute for Social and Occupational Medicine investigating risk factors for cardiovascular disease, chronic bronchitis, and liver degeneration.

images : Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Wind River essay: *** granite *** external links: Geology of the Wind River Range Deep Time Maps - Paleogeography Yosemite granite Paleogeography and Geologic Evolution of North America images : Teton macros essays: *** Grand Teton Guide no. 2 *** - high altitude physiology*** Grand Teton Guide no.

3 *** - acute mountain sickness*** Grand Teton Guide no.

Gruentzig discussing the ideals of coronary angioplasty - filmed in his Emory U.

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