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*** Both Jeff Owens and his wife Sarah recently sent out a thread of tweets regarding a recent experience they had at their former (unidentified) Sovereign Grace church. What you will read is not healthy at all, and people need to understand the dismissive and bullying behavior employed by Sovereign Grace church leaders when they are encouraged or questioned about having an independent investigation of the decades-old sexual abuse allegations involving many children, many churches, and the mishandling of these cases by church leaders. I have copied the tweets below for easier reading, but if you would like to see the original tweet threads, click on the hyperlink in Jeff Owens’ tweet below, or Sarah’s link within his tweet.

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We asked a trusted member of the congregation to be a 3rd party, and he agreed.

But the pastors refused to meet with a 3rd party present.

(We stated no facts, other than that we were concerned.) They wanted to meet in person to discuss, which we agreed to.

However before that meeting took place they told us Because of this they shut down the women’s group Sarah was leading.

If we are not, let us turn in true repentance that the world may see that Christ’s church, while not sinless, walks in the righteousness bought for us with the blood of Jesus.

This righteousness is given by costly grace, not by whitewashing our images.

If church leaders are disregarding their own polity, and you have exhausted all reasonable methods of communication, then it’s important to let others know as Sarah and Jeff have done.

Congregants and future congregants need to know what they are up against if they have an issue they would like to bring up to church leadership.

We sent an email to our small group, close friends, and youth workers letting them know we were leaving and why. The truth was twisted or completely set aside in favor of a lie in order to protect “unity”. It has harmed not only us, but would continue to be harmful for remaining church members and even our former pastors to allow a pattern of oppressive authority to continue. It is horrible to be Pharaoh.” – Rabbi Belgrad Our goal is and was ever only to make peace.

Several hours after we sent the message the pastors called an all-church members meeting. Our desire to meet with a 3rd party present became, “The Owens refuse to meet.” “Sharing our opinion” was treated as a sinful and rebellious act against the church, worthy of removal from a leadership position. Our original concern for SGC’s over these allegations was born out of a love for the gospel and wanting our witness to not be tainted by the refusal to be examined.

It is meant to elevate their position and use it to control. Let him know that you are merely seeking justice for him as well as yourself.” We do not tell our story in order to slander anyone or to try to cause division.

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