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A year later, he still didn’t mind what Potter had done. And had supported Voldemort for the length of the first war, through the years of peace, and then into the second war.The other man had slowly but surely teased out the circumstances behind his service to Voldemort. His trial had been just as long as his son’s, and the elder Malfoy was in even worse physical shape.Title: Restoration Author: Ladyholder Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter, King Arthur, Time Travel Relationships: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy Summary: When you have to meet your destiny, sometimes that means traveling further than you expect.

The fact that he hadn’t wanted to serve, had, in fact, done all he could to sabotage things and then had fought on the side of the Light, carried a great deal of weight with everyone on the court. Years of abusing alcohol, drugs and other illicit substances had weakened him to the point where the damage done by Voldemort had won out.

Lucius Malfoy, Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy, had died on the stand.

And putting me against a bunch of other lords and their scions is just asking for bloodshed. After all, the students were practicing with very real and very sharp swords, and anyone walking in was at risk.

It also protected the students from people who might have… The feel of the wards passing over him as he left his room were a familiar caress and completely ignorable.

The revelation had caused all sorts of consternation from the court and the spectators.

He had been dosed with enough Veritaserum that he had been in danger of overdose and questioned until he had been fighting unconsciousness as he tried to answer.His sword was damn heavy and he was still, a year after Voldemort’s death, recovering from that final year of the war. His health after the final battle hadn’t been all that great due to the crazy bastard and the shite he had put everyone through.Despite everything that his parents had done, he had still come into his share of torture from Riddle, and he had paid a hefty price for the position he had held in the ranks.I have one in particular that I believe will challenge you sufficiently,” the older man told him with a smirk.“You are aware that not everyone is thrilled to associate with me, right? And if you can successfully spar with him, I figure you will be safe enough with the rest of them.” Draco hefted his sword up and onto his shoulder in a casual carry gesture. Lead on.” The room he had been practicing in was warded against unauthorized entrances.He had been at the whole thing long enough that his muscles were burning pleasantly, moving smoothly with the beat of the metronome.

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