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I plan to update the map with specific area maps, but I ll need some days for that.

One of my many goofy things I do is run the Key West Half Shell Half Marathon each year.

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This year was the second time I ran it in Kuwait and it turned out to be a good year for me.

The skies were clear blue with just a slight wind as 41 runners from Navy, Army, and Air Force set out to conquer the Half Shell Half Marathon - Kuwait style.

I had put the word out about the race and had an unexpected number of people express interest.

Saturday (day before the race) I received a nasty call from the base installation manager to ask why I had not coordinated the race or written a memo (the Army loves their memos).

Former Managing Director and Global Head of Technology Mergers and Acquisitions, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.

Meekalito Rocks If it wasn t for Meekalito s sad, lonely rock collection, we might have had to pay full price for that choke knob.

He disapproved it so I was directed not to have it.

To kick a guy when he is down, he did authorize me to conduct physical fitness on my own Sunday and it did not matter how far I ran. Well, all the people still showed up on Sunday and I tried to explain there was not official start time or clock, it was up to them.

Thay may not seem too weird except I do it where ever I am located real time with the race in Key West.

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