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I matched his every thrust and felt my little hole swell to accommodate him. Finally he found his rhythm and I knew he would cum soon.

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The angle made things so tight and I could feel the slick drag every time he pulled back to thrust again.

He built up pressure and flipped me on my back, fucking me missionary and ploughing me deeply.

Proper care of our sissies is very important to the Staff, so each and every girl is immediately placed on a strict Masturbation Schedule, reviewed enthusiastically by the esteemed Masturbation Control Board.

Notifications and fantasies are sent to the lucky ones when it is their ‘special day‘, just to make sure your sissy urges are properly administered.

We are experienced and capable trainers, willing to take on the full responsibility needed for your desires to come true. We are here to help you administer the discipline that your sissy requires.

Often copied, but never equaled, We are a full service information and educational institution, providing the tools and strict personalized guidance to that little sissy into the princess You want to see her become.Message her for free Remember her Spanker, spankee & switch!Professional sessions available to beginners as well as conoisseurs!You girls know what I mean, that feeling when you know you're going to be his tonight.I teased him for a bit and then pulled down his boxers.Proper training is the key to winning the attention of any Superior.

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