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” (Mishlei) Just as Rav Yaakov Yosef emphasized the importance of initiating the Shalom by learning about everyone we meet, how much more so when seeking our soul mate?

Invest the time to dig beneath the surface; focus on your date and most often you will leave with a sense of wonderment! Miller is a Jewish Matchmaker on Saw You At and works with Jewish Singles all over the world.

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To apply this anecdote to the world of dating, we can ask ourselves: “how much time to do I spend trying to know my date vs.

what amount of the time am I invested in promoting myself? Surely, we arrive with a list of questions that are reminiscent of the pressure and anxiety felt at a job interview.

For Singles – to give the proper Torah outlook / hashkafa to be more successful in finding a proper soul mate. Singles may fill out on-line questionnaire to help find a suitable match.

Singles interested will be able to fill out questionnaire to help them focus on their priorities and help lecturer find them a suitable match from other group that attends the lectures. For Married – to be able to better help, guide and coach their single children to find the right Marriage partner and to improve their own Shalom Bayit and marriage. FREE MATCHING SERVICE – NO SIGNUP, MONTHLY, or HIDDEN FEES. If you want to send a shidduch resume please send to email above with Re: Shidduch Resume. Resumes will not be shared with other organizations or shadchanim unless specific permission is given.

– For MEN – Every Other Tuesday at pm at MJO – For WOMEN – Every Other Tuesday at pm at MJO MJO Shaar Ha Shamayim Synagogue 112-21 72nd ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375 .

718.263.8102 Matatia Chetrit 718.962.4872 (p/t/WA) [email protected] Chetrit is Member of MSC Manhattan Kollel. The Rav continued: when we say Shalom to someone, we make peace with that individual. Two Jews that know a bit about one another will be inclined to help each other and often times grow to love each other, which in turn makes them each joyous for the other’s success. As below, so too above: when Jews are joyous below it is reflected above in the joy of Hashem which yields added bracha and joy not only to the two Jews who invested a few minutes to get acquainted, but the entire Land and its inhabitants reap the benefits as well.“Remember,” said the Rav to the student, “how much nachas Hashem receives from a “shalom aleichem” between two Jews, when they show each other the respect and concern and especially are “makdimim,” initiating this relationship! Shalom is one of Hashem’s names-this is one of the ways that He is defined!The site has more than 30 million users (1.7 million of those being paid members) and gets over 13.5 million visits a month.Not to mention Match has created more dates, relationships, and marriages than all of its competitors since it was founded in 1995.It’s free to sign up for Match, and you’ll be able to create a unique profile catered to your specific dating wants and needs — plus you can even search singles based on their religious preference.

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