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The thing that is so unusual here is that it is typically the story with many men in the SF dating arena.

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The museum has entry fees, of course, but you can take the elevator to the tower for free and enjoy beautiful views of the park and city.

For summertime romance, nothing beats a balmy evening beachside at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, lights sparkling from the 1911 Looff Carousel, cotton candy crystalizing in the moist ocean air.

Most of my girlfriends in SF have all had to come to terms with their partner's sexual liaisons of the past.

Many potential males of interest seem to have all indulged in both male on male or trans with male experiences.

So, like a superhero swooping in to save the universe from annihilation, we are here to help with 10 pocketbook-preserving summertime date ideas — fun, light-hearted and free (or nearly free) summery things to do with a sweetheart, from romantic spots with glorious views to midsummer dreams with Shakespeare.

Even dinner and a summer blockbuster can cost you major coin, and that’s before the popcorn and Milk Duds.Stroll through and score some free samples, feed each other grapes and Gruyere. Getting around San Francisco has become a huge pain.And on Tuesday nights in July, the mall offers its summer music series from 6 to 8 p.m. So maybe it’s better to “get around” the city by boarding the San Francisco Water Taxi.Then head across the street to the High Scores Arcade and time travel to the ’80s, playing Donkey Kong and Asteroids.Finally, cool off with a scoop of “super creamed” ice cream at Tucker’s. Get the lowdown on High Scores at sweet treats at gov/goga/The steady breeze off the bay is just right for a day of kite flying and frolicking at the Berkeley Marina’s Cesar Chavez Park, at the end of University Avenue.

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