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Being what might be called an Alpha Male I dabble in the cuck lifestyle as a bull but am equally at home in a good old fashioned uncomplicated one on one or threesome (or moresome), I am happy to travel anywhere if the encounter looks fun and am always happy to find nice locations for adventures. I can't accommodate but I can visit you at home, meet you at a festival or some other place of your choosing. Kop ____________________________________________ Still got my own body, teeth 2005.i'm 43 slim single I've worked in hotels, Disney land USA looking after kids, looking for a woman who knows what she likes & goes out and gets it, I do not sleep lot either, some who's down to earth some one who wants me for me My email at bottom page cell there as well like moves, wine sport rugby, running, holidays, try my hand at most things Being a guy I can cook as well, and likes a game of pool down the local but not heavy drinker, Don't drive either, will you contact don't know lets wait see what can you lose, Ps add me to your thanks mark live work in Chertsey Surrey U. My Dreamshope to get chance to even meet a woman in 2008.seems women never wont to meet up some reason why? (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out).

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We love to have sex in the same room as another couple, with maybe soft swing and possibly more with the right couple. We can't accommodate but would be happy to travel within reason and share the cost of any rooms. Please don't just send winks, please try and tell us something about yourself. Love W07 xxxx Well I joined this site hoping all my naughty fantasies would come true but i was wrong.

I hadn't realized its so bloody hard finding a like minded woman that would like a bit of discreet rumpy pumpy - no string, no pressure, just mutual fun and a good laugh.

We are not into anything weird or anything that causes pain. Straight chap, strong and fit (as in running jumping and climbing trees - the other fit is a matter for others to judge! Now I have returned to my mountain lair, set myself up in business and taken up a rather splendid new hobby - swinging. And fellas, for goodness sake read my "Looking For" list ...

I like to be a bit discreet and can reassure any prospective fellow funsters that what happens on tour stays on tour. and you'll see I'm STRAIGHT and thus not interested in men, so don't waste your time - frankly, I can't quite decide if I should be amazed or just depressed that I need to reiterate this!

Erotic correspondence is a good thing, the mind is our most powerful sexual organ, and this would open our imaginations to all sorts of scenarios and playtimes.. I have a good friend who is a curious bi female who can join in on occasions, and is introducing me to 3somes ( mff ). My partner isn't into swinging here but, as she has her own "pursuits" elsewhere, she doesn't mind me exploring my desires in a safe, discreet and NSA way - so I'm looking for someone who'd like to have some uncomplicated dirty fun. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly?

I love giving oral and watching a woman cum, using toys or smooth hands where needed; Truthfully I also like my partner( s) to wear sexy underwear and be a uninhibited and sexually aware.. ) I want someone who can hold a decent conversation and have a good sense of humour. I have a slightly leftfield sense of humour, a couple of science degrees and I love my kids and family. i think 1st i had better describe and compliment my woman,wow lads, she is all mine lol,single guys, walk,jog on, ya got no chance, she is blonde tall, legs ,wow her legs,mmmmmmm, body, oh so very,mmmmmmmmm,boobs, wow, there are very nice for breakfast lunch,dinner and supper,lol, she is so attractive and disirable,funny, really wicked gsoh,a very popular lady in her circle of friends, she dresses fantasticly, even while at play, and bloody hell, can she play,plenty of towels are required,wink wink, there is a lot more to say about her, but all that would come in time, Where do I start about my fella, he is everything ive been looking for in a guy, smart, funny, caring, considerate and an absolute dream in the bedroom ..

Finaly, probably, we insist on meeting first for a drink etc to see if there is a spark between us. Distance is not an issue because I can travel Guys, I am straight and straight. My profile may sometimes display that I am online while I am using my mobile, please bear with me and I will reply to any messages when using PC. Just to mention few things: 1- I dont do message pingpong, webcams or phone sex.

We can't accommodate but can travel a reasonable distance, can't stay over but can stay late, love dogging, if you know of anywhere fun please let us know and we will try to join you there. Whilst I'm open to most things, I also have a few No-goes: Girls my main objective is to find a swinging partner or a regular fuck buddy.

Since then I have met some great couples and had a seriously dirty time! I do not sleep lot either, some who's down to earth My email at bottom page cell there as well like moves, wine sport rugby, running, holidays, try my hand at most things mountain climbing.

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