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Frank accompanies Hakeem to a "Father-Son" retreat.Q and his father attend the retreat as well; causing some unresolved hostility between Frank and Q.

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Q, Hakeem and Kim decide to merge their talents together and create their own group CPQ.

After seeing her friends perform at The Den, Moesha decides to invite Haley, whose father is a record producer, to hear her friends sing, but she risks losing a friend in Haley who feels that Moesha is using her.

But they're faced with a dilemma when Morris Day decides to sue them for resampling one of his songs.

Dee can't seem to remember her first date with Frank.

As Frank, Q and the others resolve their conflicts, Frank and Q come to a new understanding.

Meanwhile, the girls (and Myles) learn self-defense techniques from Don "The Dragon" Wilson who's in town to shoot a new movie and needs The Den as a part of the set.

So she makes plans to go to the Labor Day Jammy with her friends and secretly wishes that she'll run into Q there, but she clashes with Frank when he wants her to go with him and Dee to her school's fundraiser.

Moesha meets her new classmate, Haley Dillard, and together they con Frank into letting them "hang out with Haley's friends." At the Jammy, Moesha finds Q, but they both agree to just be friends.

The following is a list of episodes for the UPN comedy-drama series Moesha.

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