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Christenings/Baptisms are lost from mid-1721 to 1759.

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He was also a Governor of Virginia and the second Secretary of State.

The first European settlement in the area that is now called Randolph County, Illinois, was Kaskaskia in 1703.

The capital was moved, however, in Vandalia, in 1820, which ended Randolph County's prominence in Illinois history.

The county seat was also moved from Kaskaskia to Chester in 1844.Randolph County (and all of Illinois) was part of Quebec until 1717, when it was officially annexed into Louisiana.As a result of the French and Indian War, France lost its North American holdings east of the Mississippi River, including Kaskaskia.For further information about where the records for Randolph County are kept, see the Randolph County Courthouse page.Randolph County was named for Edmund Jennings Randolph who was the first United States Attorney General and served under George Washington.The Americans took Kaskaskia on July 4, 1778, but the Northwest Territory was not clearly in American hands until the conclusion of the Battle of Vincennes on 23 February 1779.

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