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He turned that smile on her, all full of things he knew and she didn't. He blandly continued, as he neatly cut away her silken black underwear.

"He came to me, promising me whatever I wanted as long as I kept him fed.

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Little did she know that today- the business was going to be saved from its downward spiral. She bucked her body trying to stop him, only to find that it made no difference.

The store owner received a rather large sum to turn a blind eye to the disappearance of one his employees. He chuckled, leaning forward, his fingers moving to the bottom of her shirt. "Why, because there will be no one to miss you, Ana."He started unbuttoning her shirt. Button by button her shirt was undone, revealing her black bra underneath.

She then slid into her very form-fitting black slacks. It was something she laughed about later when she was alone at home.

She was abnormally solitary and unsocial, and appreciated being alone more than she ever did being with people.

He was six feet tall, putting him six inches taller than herself, and very well muscled through his clothes. He was sliding the knife neatly along the seam of her pants, and she was afraid to move or he would stab her. "After I am finished with her, of course.""Naturally. " she squeeked, afraid to know that voice she was hearing in her mind was the snake above. "All you humans think that there is no such thing as magic.

He had neat black hair, icy green eyes, and clever smile. No such thing as magical creatures." She started shivering.

As far as she cared, she had no friends and wanted none.

This had come about because of a bad boyfriend she had once had- when he'd had his way with her in the back of a car and made her lose her virginity.

Read the rules in detail here Read the Critiquing suggestion here Please open only This is my first attempt at writing vore, and I would really like input. She rolled out of bed and strode sleepily across the room where her yesterday's work clothes were sprawled on a chair by the computer.

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