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Alternatively, you could curse at it, or make advances toward it, and it would always seem to know how to respond.(Smarter Child’s creators don’t shy from the notion that trying to trick the bot was a popular pastime.“I believe that trying to convince Smarter Child to have sex with you was the first Internet meme,” Hoffer says.)When you tired of idle chitchat or mockery, Smarter Child could instead provide useful information.

As Hoffer notes, every branch of a conversation had to be scripted, and Active Buddy was constantly adding to the script in response to what the company learned from users.“All of that interaction was editorialized and programmed, and therefore required an enormous staff as it grew,” Hoffer says.

Smarter Child faced obstacles on the business side as well.

This was all part of the business plan to provide an intelligent assistant.“Once you have a relationship with someone, that relationship expands in different ways,” says Andy Weissman, one of Active Buddy’s first investors. then you’ll do your web searches through there, then you’ll get your baseball scores.

“And so once you have a personal relationship with Smarter Child . It’s an easier way to introduce all these other services, and you always can fall back on how it feels like a relationship with this robot.”But in the early 2000s, building this kind of master intelligence was difficult work.

“I wanted to have an intelligence you could talk to on the Internet that would become your best friend for life.”Beyond just holding a conversation, Smarter Child wanted to be useful, tapping into web services to provide sports scores, weather forecasts, stocks, and other info.

Those ambitions make it an obvious precursor to today’s resurgence of chatbots, led by booming startups such as Slack and Kik, and attracting tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft.

He argued instead that such machines were just tools, and extensions of the human mind.

He further stressed that machines’ understanding of language was entirely dependent on the context in which they were used, and argued that a more general computer understanding of human language was not possible.

The critically unloved 1999 film Bicentennial Man seems like an odd turning point in the evolution of chatbots, but for Robert Hoffer, Robin Williams’s performance as an intelligent robot was an inspiration.“I wanted to build that, you know?

” says Hoffer, a co-creator of the Smarter Child chatbot that lived atop early messaging programs such as AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.

ELIZA worked by parsing the words that users entered into a computer, and then matching them to a list of possible scripted responses.

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