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After ingesting the huge amount of text (which was in itself a challenge), I have really been working on defining the characters physically and making sure that those details remain no matter if we are treating the text ‘traditionally’ or in a more experimental way.

On stage, and particularly in our work here at Target Margin, our performances are deeply imbued with ghosts of scenes and stories that we have discussed throughout the development of the piece.

While the goal remains an honest expression of your character’s state (mental, emotional, or physical), the information that we are referencing in our performances is all drawn from our months of work on the subject. SB: I acted in three films last year, and I believe that a few of those will be coming out shortly after our work here finishes – I’m excited to see them!

Training: Yale University, National Youth Theatre UK.

TMT: Satya, you are an old friend of Target Margin, can you talk about your past work with TMT and how we tricked you into a two-year exploration of O’Neill’s trilogy SB: Well, as David knows, after a bottle of wine and a good meal and I’ll say yes to practically anything. But in all seriousness, yes – Target Margin has been a major influence on my life and work, and I’m thrilled to be back working with you again.

SB: Our work at Target Margin is unique and different from anything I’ve ever done, whether on stage or on camera.

That being said, I’d say a major difference between camera and stage is that on stage process is everything, whereas on camera spontaneity is the goal.That, I would say, is a constant challenge right now.TMT: Traditionally, it’s rare for an actor with such a diverse ethnic background to have the opportunity to perform the role of Orin.Our dynamic is fantastic, and I do believe that, at each of our essences, we are perfectly suited to our characters.My sincere hope is that our audience is not paying attention to the color of our skins but to the content of our characters (to quote a man much greater than me), and that theatre professionals who come to see the show will gain a wider understanding of what is and is not possible on stage.I also acted in a comedy pilot for TBS in late November, so we are all waiting to hear if the show gets picked up.

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