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The sustained air campaign, for example, exposed deficiencies in the Kingdom’s precision bombing capabilities, which it is now working to improve.

Changes such as this will inevitably take time to fully implement.

Attempts to buy off enemies often failed or backfired.

Neighbors cast aside secret agreements signed in good faith.

The myriad challenges associated with restructuring the monarchy while simultaneously tackling extraordinary socioeconomic reforms and urgent foreign policy challenges have been accompanied by inevitable breakdowns in communication and occasional missteps in execution.

This has disquieted friends and delighted foes and led many to assume the absence of a coherent plan built on sound strategic thinking. In the foreign policy arena, a careful reading suggests that the new Saudi doctrine is based on three strategies: strengthening its military, reevaluating its alliances, and aggressively confronting Iranian expansionism.

The second component of the strategy is to reevaluate existing bilateral and multilateral relationships by ensuring that the Kingdom’s “allies” hold up their end of the agreement.

To do this, the Kingdom began by focusing on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), its core regional security and economic alliance.

With some exceptions, today’s Saudi military is, in many ways, a holdover from the parade ground army of the 1960s.

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