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There was a time when he couldn’t look at a camera lens without fearing it would reveal the signs of the killer illness that stalked his community and friends.He is both charming and surly; passionate and withdrawn.“Aids in the Eighties was a very, very scary thing.

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’ Everything leads towards a first night or a premiere.

A whole group of people coming to judge it and another group coming to enjoy it.

We meet as he emerges from a rehearsal room in a central London church. There is a little nest of lines at the centre of his forehead and his skin is tanned.

He is preparing for the role of the bitter court composer Antonio Salieri in Peter Schaffer’s Amadeus at the Chichester Festival Theatre.

The first 10 years of my career were conducted with this interior hysteria of terror. With every lens, I was wondering if they were going in too tight on what I might be hiding. You need to keep consolidating.” Fame is, he says, very addictive. You think that’s how everyone is to everyone.” But his success hasn’t been consistent.

I was very lucky, considering my very sluttish behaviour, never to get HIV. I can look at films I’ve been in and see in my face this sheer terror.” When I ask Everett to describe the excitement of Hollywood success, he is modest. “You get so many things given to you and you take them for granted almost straight away. “One of the great things about mine is that it’s been so cyclical, I’ve always been so up one minute and then so down.“I never was very much of one.” But he concedes, “After My Best Friend’s Wedding [with Julia Roberts], for a time I was very, very successful.” Even that, though, wasn’t satisfying. I learnt pretty quickly there was no point going on with 'successful me’ when I was being a failure.I learned how to move into 'humble me’.” Hollywood stopped calling, but Everett has made a success both of writing – his first memoir “changed his life” and gave him a “whole new vista” – and he has also won admirers on the British stage.There just isn’t very far you can go.” Everett was born in Norfolk and was brought up and educated as a Catholic – “I was fed it like a foie gras goose,” he says.His father was an Army major and Rupert was taught by Benedictine monks at Ampleforth in Yorkshire.You can’t ever expect the world to see everything about yourself in the way that you do – certainly in terms of conducting a career as a homosexual in showbusiness. So people mostly said to me: 'Oh, but you’ve been so difficult and you’ve blown everything for yourself, you’ve sabotaged your own career.’ To a certain extent, it’s true, but to a certain extent, it isn’t.

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