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Also, click here to see pictures of our sixteen foot model of Noah's Ark. Scroll down for more information: Scientific and Biblical information on creation.When an individual decides to act, is it not true that ultimately the consequences of those actions fall squarely on his or her shoulders? The ability to elucidate an idea via a speech, lecture, or other oral presentation can produce astonishing consequences.

, He summed up one of the main reasons why many are unprepared to believe in God.

Man is so busy seeking and reveling in his own glory that he has neither the time nor the desire to offer glory to His Maker.

Results: our students' science grades have gotten worse ever since. We need to look for a religious and scientific system that has evidence. Remember, the Bible predicted 2000 years ago that man would deny creation and a world-wide flood by Bert Thompson, Ph. The front cover of the November 2004 issue of National Geographic screamedin giant dark-maroon letters Was Darwin Wrong? Rennie leveled a sustained attack on both creationism and creationists ... D., and Branyon May) In 1978, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson were honored with the Nobel Prize in physics ... Described by some evolutionists as the remnant afterglow of the Big Bang, it is viewed as a faint light shining back to the beginning of the Universe ... According to journalist Thomas Hayden, we now can add organic evolution to that list. Yes, the slick graphics and full-color photos presented in Haydens article are impressive.

The answer, of course, as provided in 250-point bold type at the beginning of an article that began on page 2, was NO: the evidence for evolution is overwhelming. Only the intellectually challenged would dare doubt the scientific validity of evolution; and only an idiot would dare defend belief in creation. No amount of pejorative terminology on the part of editors and journalists is going to make the scientific evidence supporting creation somehow disappear. This radiation, found in the form of microwaves, has been seized upon by proponents of the Big Bang Theory as proof of an initial catastrophic beginningthe bangof our Universe. Guillaumes estimation was 5-6 K, and rather than blaming that temperature on some type of Big Bang explosion, he credited the stars belonging to our own galaxy. The latest effort to shore up the ever-faltering theory of evolution was the cover story of the July 29, 2002 issue of U. And yes, the diminutive amount of alleged scientific evidence tossed in for good measure no doubt will convince some unsuspecting readers that evolution is indeed a fact. You can get the two DVD set that contains 5 lessons on the Silencing of God in America.

The historical evidence is voluminous and decisive: issues a stirring plea to the nation to return from the moral and spiritual depths to which she has plummeted, and to reaffirm the biblical values that are being systematically stripped from public life.

Recommendations are suggested on what Christians can do to save our nation from moral destruction.

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Yet, Jesus said in John "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." Jude 3 "... Most rational, reasonable people would agree that actions have consequences.

If a man commits a crime, is pursued and apprehended by law enforcement officers, tried by a jury of his peers, and sentenced to life in the penitentiary or death in the electric chair, who is responsible? Is that not one reason why the spoken word is so powerful.

An examination into the existence of morality and ethics provides yet another link in the chain of logical thought that establishes the case for the existence of God. anthropological, or moral, argument for Gods existence. If there is no purpose in the Universe, as Simpson and others have asserted, then actually there is no purpose to morality or ethics.

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