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My husband noticed all the "stuff" on the bed and asked why I was already packing.

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Some last minute preparations for those of you who are flying.

Looking on the ASCA website today, I noticed that conference attendees must schedule transportation from the airport to the hotel (again, glad I am planning ahead).

Also, I hope you will stop by my session on Sunday afternoon about the super power of peer leadership...

Andrew's High School is a six year comprehensive Catholic High School serving the eastern half of Fife.

If you have not already, become part of the #ASCA18 conversation on Twitter.

If you cannot go this year (I have been there), follow the conference on Twitter using the #notat ASCA18 hashtag.

I looked at the weather forecast for LA and temperatures will be in the upper 80s and low 90s...perfect for this southern girl!! Buy a t-shirt and donate to the school counseling community scholarship!!

You will learn more about this scholarship at the conference!!

"Honey, I am just trying to be prepared that's all." Of course he rolled his eyes and walked away.

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