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Sheik Amar captures the two again, but Dastan saves Amar's men from an Hashanshin attack using the dagger.The Sheik is convinced to carry them to a sanctuary near Hindu Kush, where the dagger can be sealed by returning it to the stone it once came from.

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On the way, the two are captured by merchant-bandits led by Sheik Amar who seek the reward money, but they manage to escape.

After arriving in Avrat, Dastan tries to convince his uncle Nizam that he was not the cause of his father's death.

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Tus asks her to marry him to unite the two nations, and she only accepts after seeing the dagger in Dastan's possession.

During the celebration, Dastan is fooled into presenting a poisoned gown seemingly given to him by Tus to King Sharaman, which fatally burns the king.

During the attack, Dastan fights a royal guard and takes from him a special dagger.

Alamut falls to the Persians, but Princess Tamina denies that the town has any weapon forges.

Dastan's group travels back to Alamut to retrieve the dagger from Nizam and tell Tus the truth.

Amar's right-hand man Seso dies retrieving the dagger for Dastan, and the prince demonstrates the weapon's powers to Tus to convince him.

While in hiding, Tamina attempts to kill Dastan, and in the struggle the prince discovers the dagger enables its wielder to travel back in time.

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