Pen pals dating service

(I let him down gently.) But as someone who covers entrepreneurs for a living, I admit skepticism: Is there a market for this? We use our brains differently when we can't rely on the backspace button and have to write something down.

People may prefer a certain form; I'm glad we have options!

But in an age of email and social media, more people write each other than ever before.

There was no incentive for either party to keep using Handy, which is pretty bad for Handy's business model. What happens once someone finds a pen pal they're happy with and has all the pens and prompts they can handle?

So many connection-based startups face the same problem. Online dating sites face that challenge: A happy customer is a customer no more.

In this case, P P plays an important role and we give ourselves one more safeguard from being eliminated.

With the rest of the perks, discounts, community involvement and new products that we’ll develop through a rich and ongoing dialogue with our users, we’ll hope to keep diversifying our model and give people a compelling reason to stay.Your pen pal, Kate Then I had to pause and consider what "random" even means here.It's not like someone can have a pen pal "type," in the same way they might have a type of person they like to date.Some people will also just desire anonymity and our top-tier membership will provide that by using P P as the go-between.Mark Zuckerberg himself can write a letter and, using us as middlemen, will ensure that his identity is safe.Compatibility means something different in pen pals.

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