Online dating for 18 yr old

(i've had that problem in the past, never time to sit and socialize until later at night)I think its the whole technology accessibilty thing not that we are geeks.

I am 18, almost 19 and to be honest meeting people at school and stuff is a pain, usually cause everyone is caught up in their work and have other things to do than be chasing after each other, plus you might not always be going to school with anyone who you fancy. Firts off it's a lot of fun, then may be u don't know it but there r a lot of ppl who r shy, or r not prepared to look ion girl's eyes and talked to her (body language does its job). Actually I started using dating sites as soon as I found out I am leaving my homecountry for America. I defenitely agree that it is easier to meet ppl outside than online, 'cause there r a lot of freaks out there and they don't know how to talk to women. :)Well, I can't speak for everyone but I'm 20 and I've recently starting using this site because I'm really not great at meeting people.

help the old man understandjoe Can't believe you're having problems getting women....there's a POF picnic Saturday in Tarpon if you want, I'll send you the link.

sarah beeny dating ireland - Online dating for 18 yr old seen some of the girls on this site around that age?

hardly seem shy to me(and no i'm not a pervert,lol)....listen if it seems like i'm pressing the issue here, it's because i just want to know how different things are nowadays..curious is all, i do think that what you said is true for alot of i really don't mean to come off like i was a hero back then either, i'm just saying those were pretty social places to be.if you were shy...still looking for some input....spre, in fact I asked myself the same question.

Anyone who can go out to a singles night or to a park or pub or something or has at least 1 friend can meet tons of people, but we dont all wanna meet tons of people do we?

We want to meet people that are like minded and have similar views as us, or people we can tolerate. One other scenario could be that someone has recently moved for work or school, and is not around people their age at work and is working around classes.

Maybe we can help generate interest in its because they are some ppl that are shy and maybe arent that good looking and therefore not confident enough to go up to someone and start to talking to them.

it dosent mean that if u had a nice life when u were that age, that everyone else is.

I think generally, we are alway look at younger people and think they have an easier times than us when we were at their ages.

I could sit here and tell younger kids that "you kids have much easier time to pick up girls than we do.

Of course, plenty of them also dated guys from other schools. The women were at a different campus since they tended to major in arts and social sciences.

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