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This means that you can trust that the packages you download and install on your system are from a trusted source, such as Red Hat, and were not modified during transfer.See Section 8.4, “Configuring Yum and Yum Repositories” for details on enabling signature-checking with Yum, or Section B.3, “Checking a Package's Signature” for information on working with and verifying GPG-signed Loaded plugins: product-id, refresh-packagekit, subscription-manager Updating Red Hat repositories.To tell Ruby Gems to update itself to the latest version, run .

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is the Red Hat package manager that is able to query for information about available packages, fetch packages from repositories, install and uninstall them, and update an entire system to the latest available version.

Yum performs automatic dependency resolution on packages you are updating, installing, or removing, and thus is able to automatically determine, fetch, and install all available dependent packages.

Your computer will use its built-in CA bundle of many root certificates to know whether to trust an SSL certificate provided by a particular website, such as Ruby

Occasionally, new companies are added to the CA bundle, or existing companies have their certificates expire and need to distribute new ones.

This error happens when your computer is missing a file that it needs to verify that the server behind Ruby is the correct one.

The latest version of Ruby Gems should fix this problem, so we recommend updating to the current version.

(What do we mean by updating “should fix this problem”? and How Ruby uses CA certificates sections below to gain a better understanding of the underlying problems.) Anytime your computer is talking to a server using HTTPS, it uses an as part of that connection.

The certificate allows your computer to know that it is talking to the real server for a domain, and allows it to make sure that your computer and that server can communicate completely privately, without any other computer knowing what is sent back and forth.

The following sections assume your system was registered with Red Hat Subscription Management during installation as described in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Installation Guide.

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