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Some boîtes have private bars for the chosen few, some have membership but let you in if you're sufficiently beautiful, eccentric or rich.

This has always been the traditional source of food for the normal rabbits.

However, with wild rabbits you should be a bit careful and don’t just give them vegetables all of a sudden.

In New York, nothing ever seems to close, so when you finish in one club, you go on to the next.

The whole point is your attitude to a nightclub: it shouldn't be the end of the evening, it should be the start of something better.

It is advisable that you should keep the wild rabbit away from foods that can cause gas or bloating.

This is because rabbits cannot pass gas and this result in severe stomach pain and even death is some worse cases.

The digestive tract of the rabbits needs to function all the time when they are awake so leave them with enough food even if you are not around. Most of the times wild rabbits love this food and can keep munching on them all the day round.

When you buy pellets for your wild rabbit make sure that you buy the ones with seeds.

The nightclubs marked with ' The International Man will in the near future be launching its own PRIVILEGE & BENEFIT VIP MEMBERSHIP CARD - named simply 'The Card'.

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