New mtv online dating show jessica dube scott moir dating 2016

MTV separately invites the ex-lovers along with their current significant others under the guise of a romantic weekend.

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Clearly, there must have been an initial attraction with the fake persona that fueled the intense emotional investment so who is to say how much of the disappointment and betrayal is due to being lied to for months (or in some cases, years) and how much is due to the disappointment in the catfish’s actual appearance. Briefly, before making my point, I’d like to point out that Mike (left) has passed away since filming the episode – condolences to his family.

Back to the episode – so Mike, the catfish, and Ashley (who also coincidentally, was kind of catfishing too by altering her photos), were both fat.

So MTV’s internet dating show, Catfish, hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, just wrapped up its second season this week.

The show has covered many interesting relationships (LGBTQ, parents, young veterans, etc) through its basic premise: someone writes to the show about someone he/she has been dating online but can’t seem to meet.

So what we’re typically dealing with in an episode with a chubster catfish is a double whammy of fatphobia – internalized by the catfish who has created an online persona of a person that is always thin and traditionally attractive and then reactive when the other person sees the catfish and realizes they are not the “hot” person they fell “in love” with.

It’s hard to measure the extent of the externalized fatphobia present with the people meeting their catfish.

Nev & Max then do some super sleuthing on Google to try to find out if the person is legit or not (and thus, a catfish).

One thing that is recurring on the show is that not only is the person not legit, but they also tend to be fat.

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