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Second, because a unique key is used for every transaction, even if the information is stolen, the thieves wouldn’t be able to use it again.EMV technology will not prevent data breaches from happening, but it will make a data breach much less profitable and less attractive to identity thieves. Credit card fraud has significantly decreased in countries that have the EMV system in place, saving them millions of dollars each year.

Your EMV card will also have a magnetic stripe on the back that can be swiped just like normal if the store or kiosk doesn’t have an EMV chip reader.

If you try swiping your card at a chip-enabled terminal, you’ll be prompted to insert the card instead, so you never have to worry about doing it wrong.

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EMV chips are microchips embedded into standard credit and debit cards and they protect the card information.

The magnetic stripe on a traditional credit or debit card contains unchanging information about the card, so if someone steals the information from a magnetic stripe swipe, they could replicate that information over and over to make fraudulent charges.

It takes longer than you’re used to with swiping a card, but as the technology improves, the waiting time will likely decrease.

For now, be patient as your chip card “talks” back and forth with the EMV reader and follow the prompts on the payment terminal screen to complete the transaction.

If you’ve gotten a new credit or debit card recently, you may have noticed a new small metallic square on one side.

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