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During my first few weeks I was living as an au pair with a family on the outskirts of Madrid.

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From these three friends, I would continue to meet and befriend wonderful people from all over the world.

When I originally met these girls, I thought they were nice and fun to hang out with, never imagining how close we would become, how much we would share, or how many other great friends I would meet through them.

The friends you find while living abroad are often unlike any other.

During my time in Spain, I was determined to make Spanish friends, but I also deeply connected with Americans and Brits in similar situations as mine, living and working abroad.

If you’re feeling lonely and frustrated about making new friends in your new home, give these tips a try.

I was in Spain for about a month before I made any friends.More than once I felt frustrated, discouraged, and defeated, and I was too self-conscious to contribute to their rapid-fire conversations.I knew, however, that my situation wasn’t going to change, so I sucked it up and made an effort to befriend my coworkers.I ended up clicking with one girl in particular and we became good friends.We met every week for the rest of the year, our conversations flowing easily between English and Spanish.It took some time and patience, but I did find an amazing support system of Spanish and foreign friends.

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